The Scanlift M Series combines high performance and smart UAS technology for superior air surveillance and reconnaissance.

The professional heavy lift UAS multi-rotor platform has been developed as an extremely efficient and safe way to carry a wide range of sensors, and is purpose built for reliability and ruggedness.

Sensitive data is protected from leaving the localised area, and is not sent to foreign countries as many major brands do.

A proud leap forward in sovereign technology, proudly designed locally, proudly manufactured locally.

Key Features

Fully Autonomous Missions

Fully autonomous takeoff, landing and flight capability via mission planning software

Flight Time of up to 120 Minutes

Depending on payload and weather, with full battery redundancy (optional hybrid attachment)

Data Highly Secured

Sensitive data gathered is secured locally. Hardware pairing is permission only and no automatic updates

Easy to Use

Quick start simple instructions for beginners to experienced pilots. Straight froward pre and post-flight checklists

Intuitive Ground Control System

Incorporating Jupiter+, the world’s finest Auto Pilot control and long range communication

Redundancy Backup

Dual motors and battery supply redundancy (2 x main power batteries, 1 x backup autopilot battery)

All Weather Capabilities

Tested in the harshest conditions for Military Grade reliability and durability

Optional Extras

Many optional features depending on your individual use requirements. Eg. parachute system, hybrid power supply, GCS upgrades, laser height sensor

Standard Features

Auto Pilot

World Class Jupiter Plus Auto Pilot flight controller with autonomous flight capability
Dual inertial Measurement units (IMU)
Duel Magnetometer (compass heading)
Internal Dampening
Duel Power Supply & Redundant Back Up Battery
CNC Precision Case
Commercial Grade Components
Secure In-house INF Source Code
Customer Firmware Integrations available:

Quick Connect Mount

Changing payloads cannot be any simpler or faster with our dove tail mounting system. Unscrew the lock and push your payload forward to release it from the ScanLift.

The integrated dampening system also ensures minimal vibrations.

Tough Carry Case

Minutes from case to air. The ScanLift case is tough, portable and also commercial airline weight/size compliant.

One person can easily manoeuvre the case with the built-in wheels and retractable handle.

Customise your UAV with optional features

Hybrid Propulsion

Extend flight time up to an impressive 120 mins (*dependant on payload/weather variables) including full battery redundancy, with the optional hybrid attachment system which can be added or removed as required.

Single Motor X4

Extend flight time up to an impressive 120 mins (*dependant on payload/weather variables) including full battery redundancy, with the optional hybrid attachment system which can be added or removed as required.

Dual Motors Redundancy X8

Dual motors provide all important back-up redundancy in the unlikely event of motor failures, allowing the UAV to still maintain flight with only four motors operating (x4 configuration).


If the Autopilot system detects any flight parameters outside the normal ranges then all motors shut down and the parachute is deployed automatically. The parachute is commercial airline transportable, and not ballistic.

Laser Sensor

The laser sensor allows terrain following and in-flight height above terrain telemetry to mitigate crash risk and maintain data collection accuracy.

First Person Camera View

The ScanLift can be piloted via the onboard First Person View camera and transmitted to the flight control system.

Ground Control Station Dual Option

Single or duel GCS’s and screens with BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight). For large corridor mapping duel GCS’s allow for GCS handover from one GCS to another GCS.

Real-Time Kinematic

The SL Series UAV’s are RTK ready and seamlessly link with our own RTK Base Station to receive real-time GPS information and geolog images as they’re triggered during flight.

Optional Payload Voltage

5v, 7v, 12v, 24v. Power payloads from main batteries, no need for separate payload battery.


Our Automated Robotics Team welcome any questions you have Please …
Our Automated Robotics Team welcomes any questions you may have …